Need help transitioning from envelope system

I'm in my trial period with Simplifi, and I really like a lot of the features. However, coming from a zero-based budget system, there are some mental hurdles I can't seem to overcome. Here are a couple of examples:

First, the spending plan accounts for income, but what about money that's already in the bank, even before any paychecks are received? I realize I can customize the income amount every month, but I'm just wondering if anyone has come up with a more elegant solution.

Second, if I create a watchlist for a category and give it a target of $100, then I spend $75 in that category, the leftover $25 doesn't carry over and increase my allowance for next month. I can't wrap my head around the concept of not having any long term benefit from being consistently under budget.

Has anyone else made the switch from an envelope system successfully? If so, please share your secrets. I really want to like this platform, but without rollovers and budgeting of actual money, I'm having a hard time seeing the value. Thanks in advance for anything you can offer.

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