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  • FredFreddy
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    This is a must have! I'm not sure how folks are confidently budgeting without this functionality. You are flying blind with respect to infrequently recurring bills (e.g. insurance) or lumpy spend (e..g house maintenance: I spend avg $500/month fixing stuff but some months I spend $0 and other months the fridge blows out and I use the full year budget). I'll use the service for now (I like it so far) with the anticipation that this feature will be added - but it is a definite deal breaker if not added soon. 
  • elmo218
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    Please add this feature.

    I will not be keeping Simplifi because it lacks this features.  Once it is added, I will consider it, as it saves me a lot of time on a monthly bases.

  • smith056
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    This is also a deal breaker for me if it is not implemented.  I KNOW my car will eventually break down.  It is planned spending, I just don't know when it will occur.  But I should be able to PLAN and save for it before it happens.  I shouldn't have to manually move balances month to month for dozens of categories to keep track of carry over balances.  Too many categories are like this.  It would also be nice rather than to just release the unused funds from a category to available spending, to have the option to transfer them directly to another planned spending category in order to cover a shortfall if desired.  I also like to carry over negative balances in addition to positive ones.  YNAB does not allow you to do this which is why I tried Simplifi in the first place.  If you spend more than you have available, it should deduct from your next month's planned spending amount.  Life doesn't always fit into neat planned categories, things happen that wreck "the plan".  Seeing that you are starting the month in the red on a category is a powerful reminder that you don't really have anything to spend on that category until the funding for it is caught back up.  YNAB FORCED you to cover the shortfall from another category, but that turns into robbing Peter to pay Paul mentality where the goal becomes to balance the budget rather than to use it as a guide for spending.  This is budgeting software, not a balance sheet.  
  • Giantsfan
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    This is my top requested feature by far.

    My current work around is fairly inelegant but it does work for most of my use cases: I create a savings goal for every infrequent (auto insurance, yearly subscriptions, etc) or planned-but-unknown date (car maintenance, etc). Once the transaction month arrives, or the expense occurs, I withdraw money from that goal and mark the transaction to not be counted in the Spending Plan.

    Having built-in rollover functionality would be much preferred than this method.
  • I'll add my vote for this feature request. To add to the list of possible use cases, my wife and I each have personal spending budgets that rollover from month to month. It would be nice to be able to keep track of this within Simplifi.
  • Any updates on this? My subscription is coming up for renewal and a lot is riding on this feature. 
  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @jaybarr,

    Thanks for reaching out, although I apologize that there's no update to provide on this request as of yet.

    In the meantime, you may consider setting a custom Income amount in the Spending Plan to include any leftovers from the previous month. More details and the steps to do so can be found here

    Otherwise, I will be sure to keep this post updated as soon as any new information becomes available. I hope this helps! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie