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Expand "Past Due" in Transactions List (edited)

koikoi Member
edited November 2021 in Feature Requests
Of course we’d all like to be timely with all of our bills, but that doesn’t always happen. I’d like to suggest a way to see bills that I’ve planned to pay for the month but haven’t yet paid. For example, today is Dec. 23. I can’t look back to see if I missed any bills on the 1st. The farthest back that I can see is Dec. 14. So, my request is to have a farther “look back” period of perhaps four weeks instead of two. 
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  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello @koikoi,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community and post your request!

    I do have a couple of questions to be sure that I fully understand what you'd like to see implemented in Simplifi. First, where exactly would you like to see this change made in the program, i.e. in your Transactions list, the Upcoming tab, etc?

    Also, if you have not already done so, I'd suggest taking a look at the Spending Plan, as you can see all Bills and Subscriptions for the current month, as well as any that are Past Due, what's been paid, what's still upcoming, etc. You may find more details regarding the Simplifi Spending Plan available here.

    Please let me know if the Spending Plan view works for you, or please provide more details on what specifically you'd like to see added to Simplifi! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
  • koikoi
    koikoi Member
    Thank you for responding so promptly!! 

    For me specifically, I’d like to see it in the Transaction List (I navigate to my checking account, then the area at the top that shows the Upcoming bills). Of course, I understand that it would need to be beneficial for other users as well. 

    I did take a look at the Spending Plan; however, I don’t believe that it’s functioning as it should. For example, I have a recurring bill that is due on the 1st which still needs to be paid (fo shame). When I go to the Spending Plan, it doesn’t show on the list at all. I believe that it has just added it back to the recurring list for January 1st without understanding that it still needs to be paid for December. 
  • I'd also like to see expanded options for the recurrence - an example of this is my online Washington Post subscription - I get billed every 4 weeks, but the only option closest to that for a recurrence is 'every month' which is not the same as every four weeks so I'm constantly having to modify this due date every month.
  • My issue is that I have 2 vendors specifically that my bank has to issue an actual check to for payment. The bank has issued a check, but the money has not been deducted from my account. So, theoretically these will show up as 'past due' which is fine. I would like that timeframe to be as long as 30 days because I have had one vendor take as long as 30 days to process my payment.
    Furthermore, I still want this payment reflected in my projected cash flow section, as for me that is the most relevant information to ensure that I leave enough money in my account to clear that transaction.
    Additionally, it may be smart to have a section dedicated to 'check' payments. There are random times when a one time check is issued (school fundraisers, etc.). If you enter it as a one time transaction, it's not reflected in your bank account balance or projected cash flow.
    This makes the payment easy to forget and then potentially NSF if you run tight on money.