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I love budgeting tools like EveryDollar, Mint, etc. but EveryDollar was really lacking in managing wealth as a whole, and I don't like the ads/interface of Mint...but I loved their budgeting tools! I have used Simpifi's Watchlist, creating a different watchlist category for every category I want to budget. This works great except there's no visual warning when I'm getting close  -- simply making each module be yellowish when you're reaching the target (budget) and red when you've passed the target (budget) would be helpful.

ALSO, can we please see these on a month by month basis? At the end of the month, my spouse and I go over the previous month's budget but with Simplifi, your watchlist disappears and starts fresh. I'm aware I can go to each category and see the spending for the past month, but the target (budget) may have been different and I don't want to have to do that for each category. 
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