Ability to manually update accounts (edited)

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There are certain bank/institution accounts linked to my Simplifi that I don't need to update frequently, investments in particular. However, Simplifi has no option to allow updating for individual only when you choose to, not automatically. IMHO that would be an improvement, particularly for my wife, who gets flustered when a pop-up demands you to enter a 2XFA code from text or email.
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  • 5impl5abi
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    Simplifi updates accounts every time I launch the app, but I don't need to update all accounts all the time when I know some will have very infrequent changes. +100 for this request by @jfmclaugh!

    The positive side effect of this is decreasing unnecessary aggregator traffic to the financial instructions, and in turn, improving reliable connectivity for all of us. 
  • SRC54
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    I agree.  The same is now true for Amex accounts, which require double authentication.  I only need to do it once per day except in unusual cases.
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