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UMB Bank - HSA: Investment Account

eldoneldon Member
UMB Bank has recently changed their website; the original UMB connection in Simplifi no longer works and just returns a "108" error.

Now, you need to switch to the "UMB Bank - HSA" login; which is fine - but it only pulls in "HSA Cash" accounts and not "HSA Investment" accounts even though they have and continue to be listed under the same login.

Can someone please investigate fixing the scraping for "HSA Investment" type accounts with UMB?


  • Coach NatalieCoach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello @eldon,

    Thank you for posting to the Community regarding this issue, although I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing difficulties connecting to UMB Bank in Simplifi.

    A 108 error indicates that there's some form of messaging that you need to acknowledge or bypass at the bank's website. I suggest signing in to their site, as well as checking their mobile app if that's something that you use, to ensure that you can perform the necessary action in order to connect in Simplifi once again. More details regarding a 108 error are available here

    In regards to the Investment accounts, have you ever had them added in Simplifi before, or are you unable to add them? If the latter, is this your first time attempting to add them, or have they been unavailable to add for some time? Or is it that you're receiving an error on these accounts? Also, have you attempted to add the Investment accounts using any of the other options listed in Simplifi for UMB? If not, I'd suggest doing so to see if you're able to get any of the missing accounts added. 

    Please let me know how it goes! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
  • eldoneldon Member
    @Coach Natalie

    I am no longer getting a 108 after changing to the new "UMB Bank - HSA" login, as indicated above. However, this new connection no longer gets the HSA investment accounts. The original "UMB" connection had the investment account but returns a 108. There is no notice on the website, and it has been broken for over a month - I suspect because their website was re-done.

    The other connection options do not work; I don't have their normal "Bank" product.
  • Coach NatalieCoach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello @eldon,

    Thanks for confirming!

    I'd be happy to get this escalated, however, I do need you to attempt to add the missing Investment accounts using the other options listed in Simplifi before doing so. It looks like there's an option called "UMB Bank", as well as an option called "UMB Bank - New Online Banking". Please give these a try and let me know how it goes! :smile:

    Thank you,

    Coach Natalie
  • eldoneldon Member
    Here's what I tried:

    * UMB Bank - New Online Banking: Alternates between error code ccscrape.103 and ccscrape.102 - I tried three times, logging into the bank between each attempt to assure there wasn't an action to take.
    * UMB Bank: Returns code "Care Code: vs.100" - also tried logging into the bank between two attempts but did not work.
    * UMB Bank - HSA: Returns code "Care Code: vs.100" as well.

    This is the URL where I login to my bank: https://hsa.umb.com/

    Thank you.

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