Constant aggregation issues with several institutions [edited]

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There is constant aggregation issues with several institutions. Ally, Amex, M1 Finance, Vanguard... to name a few. A quick search on the community forums shaow that this is a constant issue. Stable aggregation should be a priority and is critical to the end user. I have been a user for about 4 months and the only constant has been great support, I feel like I talk to them at least once a week and I really don't want to ! I have paid for a year and will sit tight but if this does not get fixed, I doubt that this product will be here for the long haul....


  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @Mamote,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us here, although I apologize for the connectivity issues that you've experienced in Simplifi.

    It sounds like you've already received assistance for the various issues that you've encountered, however, please be sure to let us know if you'd like us to look further into something for you. :smile:

    Thank you,

    Coach Natalie
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