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First I need to say I love simplifi, as others said, it rescued me from the struggling in using Mint. I immediately subscribed to the service after trying it. After almost 4 months of usage, I still like the reporting and the flexibility in grouping expenses, but the syncing and categorizing bugs I've constantly experienced make me want to abandon this app. To me, that's the foundation of the a budgeting app but I don't really see simplifi prove itself as a trusted app.

Bugs/issues keep happening to me:
1. Duplicate transactions - more than several times I noticed that my spending was suspiciously high and later found out it was because for some reasons simplifi downloaded the same transaction twice - without consolidating. This is a big RED FLAG for me, as as a paid service, being able to provide accurate transactions is just a must have.
2. Keep recognizing credit card payment as utilities - regardless how many times I let it remember it is CC payment and apply to all future transactions, especially for Citi cards.
3. Messing up all the inter-accounts payment, especially coupling with #1, once you want to delete a duplicate card payment but both are linked to the same deduction from the other account, the app will force to delete the pairs.
4. If the app cannot recognize billpay transaction, it will add that billpay to your transaction causing a app-introduced duplicate. IMO the pre-set billpay should never add themselves automatically as pending, as they're not actual executed transactions yet and it's really confusing to see these posted. This should be configured as a user controllable behaviors.

Above issues really frustrate me as I expect basic correctness of my transaction statements but simplifi can't give me peace of mind trusting the numbers, where I need to constantly go into the app to check transactions line-by-line. That's just against the purpose of paying a service to streamline the budgeting. I really like the reporting features and by paying, I don't need to worry my data being sold to advertisers for financial products. Really hoping the simplifi product team could do a better job in solving above.


  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @Tyuizi,

    Thanks for posting your feedback to the Community, although I apologize for the frustration that you've expressed here.

    In regards to the first item, are the duplicate transactions both downloaded from your bank, or are they manually entered transactions/Recurring Reminders that didn't properly match to the bank downloaded transaction? Please follow the steps outlined in this Support Article to troubleshoot the duplicate transactions, and let me know if you determine that both transactions were downloaded from the bank, as well as have the same "Appears on your statement as..." info, as this is something that should be escalated to our Product Team.

    In regards to the second item, is it possible that you have a Category Rule set up for the transaction(s) in question? You may see this Support Article for more details on using Transaction Rules in Simplifi. If there is no Rule associated with this Payee, you may consider creating one. If the trouble persists, please provide specific examples, as well as a step-by-step process of what occurs, so that I can take a closer look at what's going on.

    In regards to the third item, if a transaction is linked to another transaction via the Transfer function, deleting one of the transactions would result in the corresponding transaction to also be deleted in the other account. If you have a duplicate entry, with a duplicate entry in the To/From account, deleting one of the duplicates should only delete the corresponding transaction in the other account, leaving one transaction remaining in each account. Is this behaving differently for you?

    In regards to the fourth item, are you referring to Recurring Reminders that display in your register before the actual transaction downloads from your bank? If so, you may consider adding the Entry Method column to your register, as the clock icon will let you know that it's a Reminder that hasn't been linked to a bank downloaded entry yet. You may also consider creating an Idea post outlining the changes that you'd like to see made in this area of the program, so that other Users can vote on it, and our Product Team can review it. You may find more details on creating and voting for Idea posts outlined here

    Please let me know so I can best assist! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
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