Ability to select which instance in a Recurring Series that a transaction gets linked to (edited)

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For example, my roommates send me their share of rent every month usually right at the end of the month, and I pay the full bill on the 1st. I can attach their incoming payments to the recurring bill series as a positive value and that works fine, but this applies it to the previous payment instead of the upcoming one. (Since the payments from my roommates are technically received during the same calendar month as the previous rent payment). This results in the spending plan being all out of whack because Simiplifi thinks I owe the entire rent amount instead of just my 1/3rd share. I've gotten around this for now by setting a custom amount for the month in the bills section in spending plan but this means I have to manually calculate things every month which is what I'd hoped to avoid by using Simplifi.

So in summary, it would be great to be able to apply those incoming payments from my roommates to a specific bill in the series, instead of Simplifi automatically choosing the one in the same month.
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    Absolutely! I had Simplifi automatically link to a transaction in the previous month because the new one hadn't been processed yet through my bank & I had to delete the reminder and re-create it again in order to get it to reset. It was a huge hassle. In Quicken, you get to choose which transaction to link a reminder to; it should be the same way in Simplifi.