Printing or Exporting Reports by Date

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I am trying to print reports by category, or create a report to export by date. Specifically, I'm trying to do reports for calendar year 2020 for taxes. I can create a report by category and date, but I can't print it or export it.

Similarly, I can create a report by category and export it, but I can't filter it by date. For example, I can create a report for my business expenses, but it gives me a total from when I started with Simplifi in February of last year up to the current date. I can't filter that by date.

Customer support tells me neither one can be done right now. Anyone have a workaround?

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    Set up your report the way you like.  Then highlight the entire contents of what you want to print only.  Right-click and select print.  This will allow you do a screen print and you can set your print properties (i.e. Portrait/Landscape) just before you hit print.  
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