Mobile App: Improve the density of the "Recent Spending" tile (edited)

prat0088 Member ✭✭✭
edited December 2021 in Feature Requests
It takes up 2/3 of my screen and shows me 3 transactions. I usually make over 3 transactions per day. That means “spent in the last few days” doesn’t even show me transactions for a single day.

How about removing the category, shortening the date to dd/mm, decreasing the font size and spacing to fit 6-8 transaction?
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  • Coach Paco
    Coach Paco Moderator admin

    @prat0088 Great suggestion but wanted to show you something that is in the 'Spent in the last few days" box!

  • prat0088
    prat0088 Member ✭✭✭


    I’m on mobile. The see more button expanded the list. I thought it would open the transaction list.

    Maybe change See More to Expand or something else to be more accurate and predictable?

  • Coach Paco
    Coach Paco Moderator admin

    @prat0088 I see what you're saying. I'm looking at the app while I'm typing this and it makes sense to possibly having that changed. I'll forward that up but you're more than welcome to create an idea and have our community vote on it!