Ability to classify a Transaction as a Reimbursement (edited)

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Currently, when someone pays me back for something (such as when I pay at a restaurant and everyone else pays me their portion), I categorize the credit to the same category as the expense. This works ok in that the spending plan and reports show the amounts I've actually spent, but it's messy and creates a lot of problems.

For example if you click on the spending plan budgets it shows every transaction with positive and negative values that cancel each other out, and it's difficult to make sense of quickly. The other spending section also becomes a mess because the bubbles don't combine for the same categories.

Also, the monthly summary doesn't reflect my actual net income. It doesn't appear to be looking at the net of all categories, but instead merely subtracting the total expense transactions from the total of the transactions categorized as income. At the end of the month the "available" amount in spending plan should match the net income on the monthly summary.

I would suggest an option when editing a transaction to classify it as a reimbursement, and then choose a transaction to attach it to, which could group them similar to the split transaction interface so that it doesn't show up separately in certain views. Or, it could be integrated as an option into the refund tracker system. This would also have the benefit of making it easy to keep track of what you've been paid back for and what you still need to remind people for.
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