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JPalazzo01 Member
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Hello Simplifi Team,
I really am not too happy with the level of support I get. Today I've been having an issue with connecting billers when adding reoccurring bills. So I reached out to support and was told basically wait a few days and try again. The last few other account connection issues I was told "It's working on our end, so I should wait and try again." There is also the problem of asking for banks to be added and never have them added. If you all want me to stick around this paid service you folks need to set it up and get on these account and biller issues.


  • Coach Blake
    Coach Blake Member, Moderator admin
    Hi there, @JPalazzo01!

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here. This is not the level of support we strive for and I am truly sorry this was your experience. I have taken a look at your interactions and have submitted feedback on your behalf.

    As for your Bill Connect issues, I do see that Progressive Leasing and Verve Card have successfully synced. I did report the issue you are having with the Amazon Store Card. You will get a notification from Quicken once we get this resolved.

    I wanted to check to see if you are still having issues getting your John Deere account added?

    -Coach Blake

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