Question: How to find unanswered questions?

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This is a two part question.
  1. I've noticed that there doesn't seem to be much interaction (i.e. answering of Q's by other community members) in the Simplifi Community; certainly not like in the Quicken Community at least.  I'm wondering if one contributing factor is that the Unanswered Quick Link always shows as zero (0) because all of Simplifi's Coaches do such a great job jumping in and replying to questions (shoutout to @Coach Natalie - thank you!).  That said, even when I intentionally don't mark a post as "Accepted Answer" (so it just shows "Answered" - see bottom screenshot), I don't find any way for myself or others to find it.  There's no "Non-Accepted Answer" link under Quick Links.
  2. What is Unresolved (top screenshot)?  It magically showed up one day (probably points related), but when I click on it it takes me to a "you don't have permission to see this page".  Maybe this is what I'm looking for, but I just don't have enough points to see it yet?

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    Hello @Flopbot,

    These are great questions regarding the Community!

    To clarify, as soon as a Question is answered, whether the answer has been accepted or not, it will remove it from the 'Unanswered' section. So 'Unanswered' will only show Questions that have not been responded to; there is no section for Questions that don't have an Accepted Answer. I suggest using the Recent Discussions section, as this will show you any posts that you have not yet viewed. 

    With that being said, we would definitely love to see more user-to-user engagement in the Community! We try to leave posts that other Users can answer for a day or so to see if anyone else jumps on, however, a lot of the posts created are things that only Simplifi employees can handle, such as reported banking errors, etc. Please feel free to answer any Questions or Discussions that you see posted in the Community!

    In regards to 'Unresolved' showing, this is actually an area that's available to Moderators only, and shouldn't be seen by other Members. I do see that it's displaying for a non-Moderator profile that I have as well, so I did go ahead and get this reported. Sorry for any confusion!

    I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any questions! :wink:

    -Coach Natalie
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