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Hey Team!

Loving the recent updates to DARK MODE!!! THANK YOU!!

My idea is this:

I believe the best view for my accounts when I go into the app is as attached. I need to see all of the totals of my accounts, not each individual. At a glance, I just need to know how much cash I have to spend, how much is in savings and how much is in credit card debt. I can drill down if I choose, but at the end of the day the total of all accounts to spend is what I need. 

As to Investments, Property and Loans, I just need to see the totals at a glance. The numbers don't change much and I don't need to look at each account every day. It's just nice to know I have $xxx in investments, $xxx in property and $xxx in loans. Again, I can always drill down if I want, but I would rather see the view from 20,000 feet when I first go into the app. If I need to see more detail, I just lower my altitude.

Now for some people, they would rather see all of their accounts the macro level. That's why I propose under general settings you should have a "default account level view" for each category: Banking, Investments, Property and loans. As you can see I would leave banking to the middle level on mine, while viewing from 20,000 feet on the others. The settings in each category (banking, etc.) should be something like: view all accounts, view account types and totals, view category total. The user would set their defaults and, voilà, you have saved almost all users valuable time.

Please see attached for an example of what mine should look like when I set up my defaults.

Thanks for listening!

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    I completely agree!!  I was going to make the same recommendation and then found this post.  For me, there is no point having a drop-down arrow if the default view is fully expanded to begin with.  I would rather have the accounts summarized by account type as the default, then just expand the ones I want when I need more detail.  It is really just checking and credit card accounts for which I need the detail on a regular basis, pretty much everything else (i.e. investments, retirement, loans) I only look at, at the account level, occasionally.