Ability to See and Edit Goal Contributions and Withdraws [edited] (1 Merged Vote)

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Since contributions and withdrawals are not "transactions" we are not able to edit if we would like to make an adjustment. It would be great if in the goal (or transactions screen) we can see historical moves (contributions and withdrawals) and edit them if necessary.
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  • I would really appreciate a register of when and how much was contributed to my goals. Would help me track if I've contributed this month for goals that don't have a set amount per month/the amount I give is above that. 
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    Absolutely agree with @JTerbeek

    I understand - and really appreciate - that individual transactions don't show as individual transactions in the register like they do in Quicken Desktop.  In Quicken Desktop having to deal with all of those fake register lines was TEDIOUS and TIME-CONSUMING!!!!

    With that said, it would be helpful from the standpoint of troubleshooting to be able to see a log of contributions/withdrawals when viewing/editing the Savings Goal...not the account register...the actual Savings Goal.  For a use case, I'm going back and catching up over 6 months of past transactions (contributions & withdrawals) in Simplifi and I'm getting seriously lost knowing how much money should actually be in each Savings Goal.

    I see this and hope Simplifi goes one step further to add withdrawals.  Maybe simply a toggle selector ("Withdrawals (Spending)" / "Contributions") that lets you switch between two lists.

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  • Kara
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    I agree, and would love to see the ability to link spending to a savings goal. Perhaps I'm looking to use the savings goal incorrectly (in which case, someone please redirect me), but I was hoping to set up annual savings goals (aka, house repairs, car repairs, etc) so that the money is set aside in case it's needed. Then, when it is needed, the ability to link a transaction to the goal to show where the money went would be fantastic. 
  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @Kara,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    It looks like you may be looking for something more along the lines of this: https://community.simplifimoney.com/discussion/1357/link-from-transaction-to-take-from-savings-goal#latest

    If so, please be sure to add your vote and feedback! :smiley:

    -Coach Natalie
  • Kara
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    @Coach Natalie, you are correct, thanks for drawing my attention to that! However, I do also think the ability to see the history of contributions and withdrawals is necessary, so I'll leave my vote. :smile: