Allow a custom date range for Recent Spending Tile & use transaction date, not cleared date (edited)

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Below are TWO ideas to help users get better, real-time feedback on their spending and therefore, spend more wisely and achieve greater financial success!

The "recent transactions" function displays transactions over a rolling four day period based on the "clearing date"  of each transaction. Here are two ways to make it EVEN better

1. Allow the date range to be a user-defined setting
Depending on the person's needs/preferences, it would be great to change the rolling four day window to something more relevant to the specific user. For example, if I like to track my expenses on a weekly basis, then I could set the window to be Sunday-Saturday (or whichever dates make most sense for me.) If I'm monitoring expenses daily, I could have the window be one day. Having a four day period a) seems arbitrary and b) prevents the user from making the time frame most relevant for him/her. 

2. Base the list of transactions on the "transaction date"
If I buy a cup of coffee on Sep 1, but the transaction doesn't clear until Sep 3, here's what happens: The transaction shows up on Sep 1... then it changes to Sep 3. So it shows up in my "four-day" list of recent transactions for six days! For budgeting purposes, the clearing date is irrelevant. Therefore, if someone is using the Recent Transactions tool to monitor their spending in real time, it's FAR more helpful to have transactions be based on the transaction date (which also doesn't change over the pending/cleared process.) If the intent of the tool is to help people track their financial activity and ultimately achieve better financial outcomes, minimizing the "distance" between what the App displays and "real life" is critical.

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  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @AnilLF,

    Thanks for posting your suggestions, and welcome to the Community!

    Would you mind clarifying your request a bit? What part of the program are you referring to specifically? I'm assuming that you're referring to the Recent Spending tile on the Dashboard, but just want to be sure. If you're referring to a different part of the program, is your request for the Mobile App or the Web App specifically?

    In regards to the second part of your request, something like this would most likely require some changes that would apply to all transactions, and would then correlate to the section that's relevant for you. We do have an existing Idea post for this request specifically that would be great to have your vote on!

    Please let me know what section you're referring to and if you have any additional questions! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie