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Thanks for the split transactions feature, it works pretty well. I’d like to suggest the ability to hide individual items from spending plans and reports. For example, I create a split transaction for my paychecks and I track my taxes, insurance and 401k contributions. But I’d like to hide 401k contributions since they’re not really expenses. 
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  • SRC54
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    Agreed. I have the same thing with my retirement plan.
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  • +1 - I also have this issue.  My workaround is to convert all my paycheck splits to individual transactions and then ignore the items I do not want in my Spending Plan (401K, benefits).  This creates a lot of needless transactions.    
  • cczh
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    Ability to hide part of a transaction from your spending report. For instance when you do group pays on your card for dinner but will be expecting a refund / should not count to your spending category. 
  • I split a lot of expenses with my husband. It would be great to be able to hide his half from my spending plan. I’ve been adding transactions to show his half being “paid” back, but it can be time consuming and is not really an accurate reflection of the what’s happening. 
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    My wife and I use a shared credit card and I split all of our credit card purchases in half using the split transaction feature. To get a better understanding of my personal spending (aka exclude her portion of our credit card charges), I would like the option to ignore her portion of the split transaction. It would be very beneficial if we had the option to ignore splits within a split transaction.
  • MrGood
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    Would love to have this feature. Like OP, I also itemize my paychecks and currently my 401k contributions come across in reports as expenses, which is not ideal.