Ability to exclude prior data when connecting accounts (edited)

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I recently started using Simplifi with the hopes that I could start using a new budget software with clean data for September 2021. When I connect my accounts, historical data comes in. I have deleted all previous transactions, but that messes up the balances on my accounts. There should be a way to tell the system to exclude prior months when you want to start a month with clean data. I understand that the amount of data that flows is determined by what the bank shares, but there should be a way to exclude the data that shows up in the Simplifi software
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  • j_h_c

    Any progress on this? How do you get started in Simplifi with a "clean slate"?

  • RobWilk
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    If the transactons downloaded from the banks are 'cleared', they should be delete-able without affecting balance. Once they've been downloaded once, they shouldn't be downloaded again.

    Deleting pending transactions will affect balance. Simplifi otherwise gets the balance by downloading bank balance and applying pending transactions on top of that.

    Rob Wilkens