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Possible bug when creating Goals?

JoelW Member
edited September 2021 in Report a Bug
I put $1000 into a savings account and the projected cash flow was $1000. I went and created a goal to save $10,000 and contributed that $1000. Now when I look at my projected balances the past projections show $2,000. Delete the goal and the projections go back to normal.



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  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
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    Hello @JoelW,

    Thank you for visiting the Community and posting your issue, although I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this behavior in Simplifi.

    When following your exact steps to replicate, I'm not seeing the same issue occur -- my Cash Flow stays the same as expected. With that being said, is the savings account a brand new account? And is it a manual or a connected account? If it's a brand new manual account, you may consider deleting the account in addition to the Goal to see if the issue pops back up when re-creating both and then making your contribution.

    If you're still seeing an issue, I can definitely get it reported to our Product Team but would need some more detailed screenshots from you. If you could make sure that the name of the account is included in the before and after shots of the Projected Cash Flow, and then grab a shot of the details of the Goal showing that the contribution has been made from that account, it would be very helpful.

    Please let me know so I can best assist!

    -Coach Natalie
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