Ability to Restore Default Categories List (edited)

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As a new user, I’ve been busy editing and deleting category presets as well as adding some of my own. I noticed that there isn’t a way to restore the categories list to the app defaults.

The only challenge I could see with implementing such a feature would be how this would affect custom categories that have been assigned to transactions. Prompts to replace the custom categories with one from the default list could be a potential remedy.
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  • purdnost
    purdnost Member ✭✭✭✭
    I just discovered that if I attempt to delete a custom category that is already assigned to one or more transactions, I receive the following prompt:

    Delete Refund
    You have 1 transaction assigned to [category]
    Select a category to reassign them.

    So, this same prompt could be used with the above suggestion, but it could end up being a list prompt, or a series of prompts.