Incorrect account balance with pending transactions

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Hi, I've noticed an issue with how Simplifi is calculating my Checking account balance when accounting for Pending transactions.

It appears that Simplifi is taking the current *available* balance, which already incorporates pending deposits/withdrawals, and then adding/removing those pending amounts *again*. The result is an inaccurate account balance until those double-counted transactions clear.
For example:

If my current account balance is $5,000, and there is a pending debit for -$100, my bank shows the available balance as $4,900.

Simplifi will display the pending -$100 debit, but will subtract it from the available balance and show the total account balance as $4,800.


  • OK to close - I resolved this by selecting "Bank Balance" instead of "Balance with Pending" in my account settings. Didn't know about that feature! Thanks.
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