New Recurring Bill Next Date Bug (edited)

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How to replicate the bug:

Create a transaction for a past date (September 10, for example).

Create another instance of the transaction (same account, payee, and category) for today’s date (September 14, 2021, for example).

Set up the above transaction created with today’s date as a new recurring bill.

Next date will be 9/18/2021 with no interval preselected.

Select every month and it will change to 9/17/2021. Select other intervals and the date will not change.


  • Coach Natalie
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    edited September 15
    Hello @purdnost,

    Thanks for taking the time to report this to the Community!

    I am seeing the same behavior on the Web App when following your steps, however, after discussing this with my Team, it appears that this flow is behaving properly for the most part. Simplifi is identifying the frequency of the Transactions, which is the reason for the 'Next Date' of 9/18. With the 'Next Date' changing when selecting a 'Frequency' option, this appears to be due to the fact that the parameters of how Simplifi is identifying the Frequency are changed from the details of the Transactions to the Frequency option selected. 

    With that being said, and since you're still able to manually enter a 'Next Date' and create the Recurring Series to your specifications, we determined that there are no bugs present. We did notice, however, that, just as you mentioned above, selecting other 'Frequency' options does not change the 'Next Date', and only the first selection will change the Date. This is occurring when creating a Recurring Series from any Transaction though, and does not require the steps that you provided above to replicate.

    I did go ahead and get this part reported, as we would expect the 'Next Date' to change with each new 'Frequency' selection and not just the first one. I'll be sure to post back as soon as I receive an update! :blush:

    -Coach Natalie


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