Hoping this is THE ONE

Hi Everyone,
Like others here, I started with MS Money, then switched to Quicken, abandoned ship eventually and have drifted around for years using all the other apps. I do mean ALL the other apps. I've tried them all but can't quite get everything I need in one place. I think Pocketsmith has come the closest for me, but
I find Mint to be extremely frustrating as it doesn't quite capture all transactions correctly, support is non-existent, and the budgeting/bills feature has always seemed incomplete.
I'm currently using YNAB and Personal Capital. Neither does everything. I really like the help with budgeting I get in YNAB and truly they have the best interface and spending tracking, but there is no forecasting or bills planning and I NEED forecasting and planning!! Personal Capital doesn't quite help with budgeting. Simplifi looks like it could be the holy grail. Here's hoping!!


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