Investments - Instead of “Today’s Change” Show Last Date Updated

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So it’s a toss up if this should be a bug report or product feedback. The short version is this: under investments, the app shows “Today’s Change”, but it’s often actually showing me yesterday’s change, as the data in my investment accounts hasn’t updated for the day. This creates confusion. Ideally it would simply show when it was last updated, showing date and time, so that I know how updated the data really is. And that date/time wouldn’t change unless there is actual change to the data. So if I check in the evening and then again the next morning, if there has been no change to investment data, it would show the date and time equivalent of last updated last night.


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    Another nice to have to add to this would be, under the Accounts tab, under each investment accounts name, show a time stamp for when it last pulled _changed_ data. This would allow me to know exactly which accounts have updated with new data and when.
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    @simplij We appreciate the feedback! We will keep an eye out on the investment tab in Simplifi to see what additional changes can be done and, in particular, the 'Today's Change' portion as well. So yeah, it's both feedback and possible bug report :joy:

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    Actually "Today's Change" is useless the way it is. It displays "yesterday's" prices for mutual funds and "today" prices for stocks. The mutual fund price should reset to "zero" at midnight, so that after the market opens, it will give an actual "Today's Change". Then, the mutual funds change will show up when their daily values are calculated. As it is right now, it shows I have a $40,000 gain for today. When in reality, I have a $30,000 loss. Please fix this.

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    @simplij and @jimholmes3012 Looks like this is not intended design. Our development team is looking into it right now!

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