Ability to turn off "Available" funds in the Spending Plan (edited)

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I budget down to the dollar in the Spending Plan. I love the rich variety of ways I can do that! Plus, zero-based budgeting stands as the only way I can stay on top of a tight budget. But that creates a big issue with the Available funds graph: It's wrong. Glaringly wrong.
The pie chart constantly says I have "$0 available." That's a disservice to diligent budgeting. I have precise amounts for Categories A, B, C, X, Y, and Z, and nothing leftover, on purpose. Sure, that technically means I have "$0 available after budgeting," but that's redundant at best and a misrepresentation at worst.
It seems to me, if you're zero-based budgeting, the "Available" pie chart only gets in the way. There should be a way to turn it off if we're already budgeting to the dollar.
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