Button to filter reviewed/unreviewed and uncategorized transactions easily (edited)

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Today if I want to toggle between showing Reviewed and Unreviewed transactions I have to click the filter box, select Advanced, Select Not Reviewed and then click Apply.

This is four mouse clicks, and is a bit annoying. Given that toggling between Reviewed and Unreviewed is something users might want to do more frequently as a filter, it would be very useful to have a dedicated button right to the right of the Search Transactions box and Filter button, that simply enables/disables the filtering by Reviewed status. 

This would take up minimal screen real estate, but would make toggling between Reviewed and Unreviewed much easier.

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  • When I go to transactions I only care about the full list about 1% of the time.  The view that is really helpful is after I filter it to "Not Reviewed".  I want to see my to-do list basically.
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    There should be a shortcut to "not reviewed" and "uncategorized" transactions. It takes too many clicks for me to get from the home page to a clean, expanded view of the transactions I'd like to review. One alternative would be to allow/expose reusable URLs.

    Use case: I use Simplifi mostly to keep abreast of all my financial activity. I do this by marking transactions as reviewed.

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