Mobile App: Option to sort Credit Card Accounts by Debt instead of Alphabetically (edited)

simplij Member ✭✭✭✭
edited December 2021 in Feature Requests
I have a lot of credit cards. As such, it would be nice to have an option to list them sorted by debt, instead of alphabetical order. That way it’s easier to see the ones with largest balances at the top.
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  • Coach Tappan
    Coach Tappan Retired Coach ✭✭✭✭

    @simplij That sounds like a very useful option that might not be that difficult to implement. Right now, if you select only those accounts in Transaction view, you can sort by amount, as well as any of the other columns. I don't know if that will give you the results you're looking for. We'll definitely pass on your suggestion to our development team.