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I'm coming to Simplifi from YNAB. The use case I can't translate is money given to a job month to month.

Suppose I have a line item for my wife's clothing, say $100. Say she spends $30 one month, and I want to roll the remaining $70 into the next month's spending so she knows she has $170 available for clothing next month.

Do I do this via a savings goal, contribute as needed, and then allocate transactions (some how...I don't know how to do this) to a given transaction? Or is this planned spending and it just "rolls over" into next month?

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    Unfortunately, as far as I know, Simplifi doesn’t have the ability to do this…yet. You may consider voting on this ‘Idea’ post to help encourage Simplifi to add this feature in the future.

    While it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, the “Watchlist” seems to me to be the closest thing that Simplifi currently offers. It gives a pretty good idea of what you’re spending is from month to month.

    To give you an example, this is how I have my “Clothing” spending set up.

    I have this set up in my Spending Plan…

    And this set up in Watchlist…

    Note that the two locations are for the same thing, my “Clothing” category, but they have two separate goal/target amounts.  That way, push notifications alert us twice; once when we’ve spent $100 (warns us to slow down our spending) and once at $150 when we’ve officially hit our cap.

    It’s important to note that my numbers and setup are still a work in progress as we try to find the best/most realistic amount for our family.  However, the general concept seems to be working for us.

     Hope this helps.

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