Capital One not shwing pending transactions

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Simplifi is not showing pending transactions from my Capital One 360 checking account. Can this problem be fixed? Would you please talk to Capital One to fix this problem? This problem degrades the User experience (UX). First, it makes the spending plan useless because the number is not reflecting recent or pending transactions. Second I now have to use the bank app and website instead of Simplifi. You will lose customers who have Capital One 360 bank accounts. 

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    Hello @joroad,

    Thanks for posting your inquiry and feedback to the Community!

    Unfortunately, due to the API that we use to connect to Capital One, pending transactions won't download into Simplifi. You may consider manually entering the pending transactions until they download from the bank and match to your manual entry, that way you'll at least see them in the Spending Plan, etc. More details on manually entering transactions in Simplifi can be found here

    Sorry I don't have a better answer!

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