Insured Banking account through Edward Jones

When linking my Edward Jones account, I was only given investment type accounts. Currently they offer a money manager and/or insured banking type as well which act almost exactly like a checking account. This is what I use for my checking account and bill paying and where my paychecks go. None of my paychecks are showing up nor are my transactions. 
I also tried to manually add income and it just shows up as a bill, which is obviously not helpful.
Can someone look into this please?


  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello @krispybenjamins,

    Thank you for visiting the Community and posting your issue, although I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing difficulties with your Edward Jones accounts in Simplifi.

    To clarify, how many accounts do you currently hold with Edward Jones, and what are the account types, as classified by the bank? Do you access all of the accounts using the same Edward Jones website and login information? 

    Also, would you mind clarifying the issue a bit, please? Is the account in question not presented as available to add when connecting to Edward Jones in Simplifi, or were you able to add the account but you have missing transactions? If the former, did you add a manual account instead and then attempt to add a manual income transaction to it, or what specifically were you looking to do when you said that it shows up as a bill? 

    Please let me know so I can best assist! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
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