Recurring transactions/future-dated transactions and manual accounts (edited)

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On manual accounts you can not move recurring transactions into the activity section without manually entering them again and deleting the reminder. This seems very redundant and requires double the manual entry.
Am I understanding this correctly or am I missing something?

Same situation for entering a future transaction. Once you enter it and the date it processes arrives you must enter it again to have it show in activity. 

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    On Manual accounts you should have the option to move spending plan transactions down into the register once they post on that manual account. As it stands your coach says that the only way to use recurring transactions on a manual account is to manually enter the transaction once it posts and then delete the recurring reminder from the spending plan. This is very redundant and leaves room for error and wasted time.
    It should work just like linking spending plan transaction to downloaded transaction on linked accounts. Sometime they don't auto match so you just click a button to link them. Manual accounts should have a button to move them to the register with a click.
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