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This may be a workflow question related to the Spending Plan.

So I have my rent set up as a Bill. Let's use an arbitrary number $1000. I paid the rent and entered a manual transaction. It goes in the Pending status.

So now, the rent accounts for $2000 in the Spending Plan because:

1. Spending Plan deducts Bills ($1000)
2. Spending Plan deducts the Manual transaction for rent ($1000) as Other Spending. I think this is the issue because I can't link the Pending transaction to the Bill.
3. When the bank transaction finally shows up, usually a few days later, what will happen? Will it automatically link to the manual transaction and/or Bill or will it add another $1000 that get's deducted from the Spending Plan also?

All of this throws off my Available amount in the Spending Plan.

So what should be the sequence of actions to ensure I don't get this double/triple counting?

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    Hello @leinhto,

    That's a great question!

    I don't personally do a whole lot of manual entry (I just wait for my transactions to download from the bank) so I'm not too familiar with how this type of situation would mess up the Spending Plan. However, I can definitely understand how this scenario would cause certain items to be double-counted and throw your Spending Plan off. 

    When the transaction in question ends up downloading from the bank, it should automatically match to both the Reminder, as well as the manual entry, which would ultimately clear things up in the Spending Plan for you. If they don't automatically match, then you should be able to manually link the transaction to the Reminder and/or manually merge the manual transaction to the bank downloaded one, which would also ultimately clear things up in your Spending Plan.

    With that being said, the ability to link manual transactions to Reminders was just added to Simplifi, however, it has to be done from the transaction itself (please see here for more details). You may consider trying this option out once you manually enter the transaction, so that it's not being double-counted in the Spending Plan. And then once the bank downloaded transaction occurs, it should automatically match to the manual entry that's already been linked to the Reminder and all should be well. 

    I hope this helps! Please let me know how it goes! :smiley:

    -Coach Natalie


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    OK. Thanks. I kinda figure that out now. Still figuring out my way through the app.
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