Ability to hide "refund tracker" amounts from Spending Plan

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When I have things entered into the "refund tracker" it affects the balance in "other spending" on my spending report.  I'd like the option to "hide" the future refund amount from the spending plan so that I can still see my real-time spending for the month rather than the projected balance if/when the refund comes through.  

For example, I have $100 worth of miscellaneous spending tracked under "Other Spending."  The transactions total -$100.  However, because I have a $300 refund listed under "Refund Tracker", my balance in "Other Spending" is listed as +$200.  That also makes my "available to spend" higher.  It might also be nice to have that refund amount able to show up as an "income" rather than within the other spending area so that you can allocate it towards savings or wherever else.
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