SoFi Checking Acct Transactions Not Imported

Simplifi correctly imported my transaction history for my SoFi credit card, but only imported a balance without transactions for my checking account. Anyone else have this issue or know of a fix?


  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello @TheMightyLevon,

    Thank you for taking the time to report this to the Community, although I'm sorry to hear that you're missing transactions in one of your SoFi accounts in Simplifi. 

    Have you tried deleting and re-adding the account to see if that helps to clear things up, by chance? If the issue persists, please provide me with the name of the account in question, as it appears in Simplifi. I will also need a few example transactions that are missing in Simplifi with the Date, Payee, and Amount.

    If you have a screenshot of the transactions displayed at the bank's website, and a screenshot of the corresponding account register in Simplifi showing that the transactions are missing, these would be very helpful to have as well. :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
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