Manual investment accounts do not show balance in net worth

I have two manual accounts in investments (because Simplifi cannot connect to Transamerica Retirement System and Optum). I added, giving them a balance, but the balance shows 0.00 in the net worth overview.

How do I give the manual investment accounts a value that shows in the net worth summary?



  • Coach Nicole
    Coach Nicole Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi @keesdewit -- Welcome to Simplifi! I'm so sorry for the trouble you're experiencing with Transamerica and Optum. I know that both financial institutions are currently blocking us, but our team is working with our service provider to see if we can get this resolved asap.

    Currently, the Net Worth Summary does not include manual investment accounts. We're working on improving the investment section, but there isn't an ETA as to when its improvements will be complete. However, I'll pass this feedback along to see if we can ensure this is an option when handing manual investment accounts.

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