How to handle Capital One 360 eccentricities

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OK, Capital One is always a problem because they have their own weird way of doing things, and aren't interested in changing.  Anyone that has them knows that they used to do Direct Connect with instantaneous updates.  It was great.  But for several years now, they only allow Quicken Connect, and it takes sometimes 24-36 hours for cleared transactions to appear.

Ok, that can be bothersome, but the REAL problem is that they do adjust the balance first and then you wait for the download.  This presents a quandary in Simplifi, which like Mint works backwards on balancing the account.


Balance is $500 on Jan 3.

You have a pending transaction of $300 on Jan 4.  Simplifi reports your balance as $200. Correct.

On Jan 5, Capital One has cleared the transaction and reports balance as $200, BUT it hasn't sent the transaction down.  So Simplifi now subtracts the "pending" transaction again reporting a balance of $-100!  Ok, that's disconcerting.

What do y'all do?

1) Live with the incorrect balance until the next day? Remember if you use the account a lot, it will most always be wrong.
2) Change the account to ignore Pending in reporting the balance?
3) Just clear the transaction manually that you know has really cleared.

This 3rd choice is what I am tempted to do.  I haven't because I am unsure of whether that would mean that  Simplifi will duplicate it when it does download though, of course, I guess I could merge them.

4) Last choice is to stop using 360 Checking, which I am tempted to do.

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    Hello @SRC54,

    Thanks for posting!

    From a technical standpoint, the 'Balance with pending' feature was implemented for this exact purpose -- if Simplifi is double-counting pending transactions in the balance, then turning this option off should resolve it. With that being said, I would personally definitely suggest using that option above the others, but of course, it's entirely up to you.

    Hopefully some other Users come along with their experience to share on this, but I hope that this helps! Also, here's a Support Article on how Simplifi calculates your balance that may contain some useful information for you: :smiley:

    -Coach Natalie


  • SRC54
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    Oh yes, there's a 5th choice.  Just use it as a manual account.  I wish there were some way to get Capital One to stop the delay in downloads.  I wonder why they do it.  I once talked to their support.  It was like talking to a stone wall.

    @Coach Natalie What do you think?
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  • SRC54
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    @Coach Natalie

    I have found yet another way to handle it and that is to set the date of the pending transaction to the expected clear date.  As a future transaction, Simplifi ignores it.  
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