Annual planned spending

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Currently only have ability to add planned spend monthly.

Would like the ability to toggle between an annual and monthly spending plan and add different categories. E.g. user can create monthly spending plan for items such as food, groceries, auto & transport. But also can add ANNUAL spending plan for larger discretionary items that are not usually ongoing on a monthly basis (e.g. travel, shopping etc)

1. User should be able to set a monthly planned spending of say $2000/month on food = $24,000/month annually.
2. User should also be able to add an annual planned spending of say $10,000 for the year on travel.

And then be able to track MTD expenses or YTD expenses against the relevant planned spend
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  • rjinny78
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    edited January 27
    I seek the same feature. The planning of monthly expenses has been given a functionality but of annual expenses, it's not apparent how simplifi helps one gain insight.
  • dmc1
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    Agreed. Example billed car insurance bi-annual May & November, should be able to enter those values in each month. This would accurately track the proposed spending.
  • RPMT
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    Yes please! Annual - especially annual savings goals.
  • Yes, because now I have to deal with 2 different software