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I have used Quicken years before and have now returned to start again. I opened my account and imported transactions from my checking account, but it only imported 3 months of checking transactions, October Through December.

I purchased Quicken to organize checking transactions for the entire year 2021. How can I import transaction for January 2021 - September 2021?

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    Hello @SamPrints,

    Thanks for posting!

    To clarify, are you using Quicken or are you using Simplifi? If you're using Quicken, you'll want to visit their Community at

    If you're using Simplifi, banks will typically only provide the last 90 days worth of transactions when initially connecting. With that being said, you can import older data using a CSV file -- more details and the steps to do so can be found here

    I hope this helps! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
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