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This is a request for a feature where the transaction activity could be "flipped" to a "register" view.  In this view there would be a running balance of the account and show the transactions that have occurred, as well as future transactions. Right now with the layout, you can only see existing transactions, have to scroll for future transactions from left to right and hover over dots to reflect the running balance.  
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  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello @Strahan001,

    Thanks for posting your suggestion to the Community!

    It sounds like most of what you covered has already been requested, however, we'll go ahead and keep this post as an Idea post requesting the specific "register" style view that you're looking for so that other Users can vote on it and our Product Team can review it.

    With that being said, sadly, our Product Team has denied adding a running balance to Simplifi; you may find more details regarding this here. Additionally, for the ability to see future-dated transactions in the account register, I'd suggest adding your vote and feedback here.

    I hope this helps! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie