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The most important thing I want to know when viewing the Watchlist page is:

"how am I doing this current month with my spending goals?"

To that end, I recommend these changes to the Watchlists page:

  • Move the "This Month" section to the top and move the "3 month" section to the bottom, and make "this month" larger font. If I'm half-way through the month, the 3 mo average is going to be off so it is a largely meaningless number. I don't create a watchlist for averages, I create it to track if I'm over this month. Prioritize the current month's data.
  • Get rid of cards and turn into a tabular interface. The cards looks nice, but you can realistically only see 6 items at once before you have to scroll, and it is hard to process them in card format. Tables allow me to process more data and display more data on the page. I want to prioritize functionality over pure cosmetics.
  • Get rid of the "projected" section. I have found it to be so wildly inaccurate that it is distracting. I created the watchlist to track my expectations vs my reality.
  • Along with using tables instead of cards to display the data, show the spent vs target columns in the format of: "<spent>/<target>" so I can easily process how close/far I am to the limit, and use a meter element to show a filling-up bar to allow me to easily tell visually how far I am to my set limit. The whole purpose of this page is to quickly tell me if I'm getting close to spending more in a category than I wanted to. Currently I have to look at the "spent" section on the left of a card, then move over to the right side of the card to find the "target".
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