Ability to mark Recurring Reminders as "Paid" in advance [edited] (19 Merged Votes)



  • dsdxp
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    In the list of Upcoming transactions (bills/subscriptions), it would be nice if there were an option added to the 3 dot menu that said "Mark as paid".  Here is why that would be helpful:

    Lets say you have a credit card bill due soon.  Lets say it's due on 1/20/22.  You are reviewing the list of upcoming bills on 1/10/22, and decide you are going to go to the credit card website and make the payment (either paying it today or scheduling it to be paid on the due date).  You would then want to come back to Simplifi and make it known that the bill was either paid, or scheduled to be paid.  Otherwise, each time you check Simplifi, you may not remember if you took action on that bill, and you'd end up wasting time checking at the credit card site.  When you mark it as "Paid", it could prompt you to input the date you paid it, and then stamp it into the register (even if it is a future date).  The balance would then reflect the payment. This is very similar to how it works in Quicken, which is what I switched from.

    The only option I'm left with right now, is deleting the reminder (not the series) after I make the payment at the credit card website.  The only problem with that, is that I do not get any info about how this particular bill affects my balance, until the actual payment is posted and is downloaded into Simplifi.
  • tazelahy
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    @Coach Natalie  I just stumbled onto this thread and find it hard to believe that this request is 2 years old for really a simple option to be added to the software. I used quicken for over 10 years and decided to give this app a shot and I'm very disappointed with the way things work with the upcoming bills. Simple additions that should be available are "Automatic Debit/Payment" settings so the transaction automatically gets entered that day it is marked for payment and also the ability to mark a bill paid early and have it moved to pending in your transactions list.  Also, when marking as paid, you should be able to edit the value.  An example is saying you pay/transfer 500 to a student loan but decided that for that one payment you wanted to pay 1000, it can easily be entered and set to pending in the register.

    Can you or another associate please let me/this thread know the progress of this feature implementation.  I do like the app but I may need to go back to Quicken until some basic feature updating is completed.

    Thank you.
  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @tazelahy,

    Thanks for reaching out and for your feedback!

    Sadly, there's no update to provide on this request as of yet. It looks like it's still being considered by our Product Team -- we will be sure to update this post as soon as we receive any news. :blush:

    -Coach Natalie
  • I came to the community just to look for this issue and how to mark something as already paid. It’s such a simple NECESSARY thing… how is it not available!? Very frustrating to keep seeing bills as upcoming, when they were paid already. This affects how your future balances look, and it makes it impossible to see what your month looks like going forward, if you ever pay a bill early.  Very unhappy about this. This is the 3rd thing that has made me want to leave this app. You would think loosing clients is more of a motivator.
  • dagnabit2000
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    Is there any update on this feature? Like the last comment mentioned it really is a simple request to add a slider bar or checkbox or something to indicate the bill has been scheduled.  I often have to schedule stuff a few weeks out because I travel and I have to visit several billers website to verify a bill is scheduled instead of just looking quickly at the Simplifi app for all billers.

    Keep in mind if I just delete the upcoming reminder it will not be in the cashflow graph.  If I enter a future dated transaction I will have a duplicate transaction when the real transaction hits my statement.  There does not seem to be a viable work around that I am aware of.  If there is, please add it to this growing thread.  Thank you!
  • Coach Natalie
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    edited February 2022
    Hello @dagnabit2000,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback!

    Sadly, there's no update to provide on this request as of yet. It sounds like this ability would be helpful for a lot of Users, and luckily our Product Team is currently looking into options for implementing this. In the meantime, I hope that some other Users come along with a suggested workaround on how they handle this type of situation in Simplifi, as I'm not coming up with anything myself, unfortunately.

    Sorry I don't have better news or suggestions at this time!

    -Coach Natalie
  • Yes, please add this feature! It's a critical feature to keeping track of what bills I've already paid and which I still have to take care of. This is VERY different from what has cleared/matched. 
  • Bumping this tread. This is a needed feature to help users understand which bills are already scheduled to be paid.
  • Nelob
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    I just tried Simplifi and stopped using it for this very reason.  I don't want to wait for a bill to clear to know I paid it.  I pay bills in advance and want to enter it into the register to know it has been paid and the amount has been deducted form my available balance (Just like Quicken does).  I am now trying CountAbout and it does this exact thing so I know it can be done.  I like the interface and some of the other features of Simplifi and was hoping this would be corrected.  However, seeing this thread goes way back, it does not look promising.
  • dagnabit2000
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    Bump!  I have to keep a separate list on a piece of paper saying that I scheduled a payment. Anyone have a better workaround for this?

  • I want to like this app but you need to be able to see what you paid at a future date.  versus auto draft etc.   Please add!
  • I set up Simplifi yesterday, looking to finally get away from MS Money.  When I hit this limitation I had second thoughts.  It seems like a simple feature, marking a bill as paid as soon as you pay it, rather than having it sitting around as "upcoming" until the transaction is matched.  This lack of a simple feature is probably going to be the fatal flaw in the software for me.  I'm now looking for a different Money replacement.
  • I agree, this is a basic feature that is a must have for ease of use. I use this product in a unique way in that I don't link my bank account, just my credit cards. I manually input all transactions for my bank account to keep track of all pending transactions for myself and my partner more easily and have a constant and accurate balance for easy viewing on multiple devices for the two of us. It keeps us always in the loop on the available balance of our account this way. Sadly, making payments ahead of time on bills is a struggle with Simplifi. If you post date the payment to match the bill date (or in the case of those that sync their accounts, wait for it to show up and sync to Simplifi), it will not reflect in the balance until that date. However, if you make a manual transaction for the date you make the payment, not the date of the bill, it cannot easily be synced to the bill reminder. Having the option to make the transaction date be the date you actually make the payment and then mark that related instance of the bill reminder as paid (even in a future month, such as a payment made Jan 25th for a bill due Feb. 5th) would be a really basic and easy feature. This would bring a whole lot of quality of life improvement for a lot of users. Here's hoping this basic feature is added soon.