Usability: "Is this a recurring bill"?

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Simplifi is asking me whether my monthly credit card payment is a recurring bill. See image below (amount is redacted in the box):

I actually don't know the 'correct' answer. Yes, it's a recurring transfer -- I pay off the complete balance owing each month. But the amount is completely variable within two orders of magnitude: it's not a bill like utilities or subscriptions. I suspect Simplifi is asking the question for a reason (to help me with budgeting? to track for the dashboard? to check that I have a regular payment set up for my credit cards?), and it would be useful if more direction could be provided to help me answer this question appropriately.


  • Coach Paco
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    @timsneath , when you add a account in Simplifi, it reviews your transactions and list transactions that might be recurring. It is to help you with building a accurate spending plain. With payments that have a variable amount each month you have it set up as a reminder and change the amount based on what was paid!

  • RSKadish
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    I was wondering the same thing about recurring bills/income (for instance, interest accruals) with variable amounts. I haven't seen anything in Simplifi about reminders. Is that something that has been implemented?

  • Coach Nicole
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    @RSKadish In Simplifi, there are recurring transactions -- which are similar to reminders in Quicken. The recurring transactions can be managed through the Manage section, which is gear at the bottom left corner of the Simplifi menu.

    Regarding variable amounts, if you add a reminder for a recurring bill, but the amount varies each month (i.e., a credit card bill or utility), you will need to update the amount on the reminder each month. Since Simplifi doesn't connect billers, there isn't a way for Simplifi to know the amount changes.

    Simplifi will ask you if a transaction is recurring to help you stay on top of bills and manage your budgeting. The amounts may change, but Simplifi wants to ensure that you're aware a bill is due.

  • RSKadish
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    Thank you for the information.

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