Setting Rules by Purchase Amount

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I was told that currently you can't create a rule based on the amount of purchase so, for example, I can't create a rule for Venmo transactions that would send $80 purchases to one category and $100 to another.  And I contributed to a thread asking for that. But, in another response to a question about Apple purchases, one of you said:
"With that being said, when it comes to your question about Apple, if you're able to distinguish that particular charge from other charges made by Apple, then you'd be able to create the Rule accordingly and it wouldn't impact the other transactions."   The writer was asking about a monthly $9.99 charge.  

So... how is it that you can set that rule for Apple transactions (that come in only saying Apple), if not based on the amount of purchase?  Maybe the same solution is what I need for Venmo.

Amazon is the other big mess for me... but I understand you don't have a solution for that if the purchase just comes across as Amazon (and even if it does, one purchase might have different items for different categories)

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