'Per Transaction' Balance Forecast on Web (edited)

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This is already on The ANDROID app, where balance forecast is per transaction -- but on the web it is per-day (on a graph). 

The problem with per-day is specifically pay-day.  By that i mean it is possible for a charge (negative) transaction to withdraw before the paycheck is direct deposited. 

So, on a tight month, I need to know exactly what balance I need to last until that paycheck gets in there.  In my case, I have a recurring $20 zelle payment that happens at midnight, and a paycheck that might deposit at 3am.  

I am not always on a tight budget, but some months I spend a little more (emergency expenses), so i use my amount remaining to determine how much to pay credit cards.

I currently can work around this by "in my head" remembering to subtract $20 from my day-before-payday balance, but having it work more like the android app would be helpful.


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