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Ability to view all recurring subscriptions and bills even if they aren't in this month (edited)

MHayes Member
edited April 2022 in Bills and Income
The example I'll use is an Amazon Prime membership. I pay the annual fee for that membership and I've added the subscription to my list. But because it won't renew until October I don't have a view where I can go see my subscription. Since it's over 6 months away I can't even see it in upcoming transactions. 

I think a great feature would be a view to see all your subscriptions for the year AND when you mark an annual subscription it saves per month what you need to cover the subscription when you will have to pay it. Don't know if the right way is to make a link between a subscription and savings goal to cover that or what, but that functionality would make me more comfortable with switching to annual subscriptions for a lot of things and save some money in the process.



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