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Hello Community, I'm about to purchase Simplifi and wanted your tips please. How is the initial set up done? Do I have to follow certain steps or is it all intuitive? Regards, Chris

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  • DannyB
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    if its your first time setting up a new account, Simplifi will take you through your initial setup process to get you up and running.
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    Hey, welcome to Simplifi.  I'd agree with @DannyB that Simplifi does a pretty decent job walking you through the process of setting it up...from what I can remember.

    That said, one thing that I do remember tripping me up was how far back to download/keep transactions in the various accounts (ex. Checking, Savings, CC #1, CC #2, etc.).  For a detailed summary, check out this post (click here).  In my replies, I tried to lay out the problem and how I addressed it as clearly as I could; hopefully it makes sense.

    Once you're done with Simplifi's onboarding process, I'd maybe recommend approaching the setup in this rough order:
    1. Link Accounts
    2. Set up Categories & Tags
    3. Double-check Historical Transactions (set Payee Names, Categories, Tags, Notes, etc.)
    4. Set Up Spending Plan
    5. Link Historical Transactions to Recurring Bills, etc.
    6. Set up Watchlists
    7. Set Up Savings Goals
    Do let the community know if there are any issues you run into along the way.  Good luck!
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    Welcome to Simplifi @BigFella1956!

    In addition to what was mentioned above, we do also have a Support Article that goes over Getting Started that I'd definitely suggest checking out: http://help.simplifimoney.com/en/articles/4284318-getting-started

    Our Help Center is full of Support Articles and all kinds of useful information that can help get you up and running in Simplifi! :blush:

    -Coach Natalie


  • BigFella1956
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    Thanks Danny. I appreciate your prompt feedback.
  • BigFella1956
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    G'day Guys, thank you. The Community is really supportive which is very much appreciated. Chris
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