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I get that this is a Simplifi forum and will be run how y’all see fit, but I think that when people give their honest opinion of the features by comparing with another product like [removed] or [removed] it seems a bit absurd to actually remove the other competitor product names.

I would think having a feature in another product that a lot of people are interested in (e.g. rollover of spending plans and a lot of others around usability of spending plan/goals) would make it easier to justify the investment … and hiding it just makes it look like Simplifi is putting their head in the sand and hoping that we won’t notice what the competition is doing. We do notice the competition - in fact it seems like everyone here has tried several others and have had to make the certain trade-offs (I for one came from [removed] - and am very happy for the ad-free experience, but not happy with spending plans/goals - but for now, the positive far outweigh the negatives). I will continue to evaluate the competition - and the more transparent that Simplifi is, the better, even in the face of constructive comparison with other products.  But maybe there is a better reason for removing the names that we are just not aware of.

btw - in all fairness to Simplifi, I added all of the [removed] in this post to save someone the effort :smile:

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    Thanks for the feedback @n2it!

    Although there may be various reasons why a competitor's name would be removed from the Simplifi Community, it is entirely at the discretion of the Simplifi Moderators to do so. Please be sure to check out our Community Guidelines here for more details on moderation policies. :smile:

    -Coach Natalie 
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