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Every month I balance my spending plan to $0. I was updating the amounts to several categories for the the month of May and now every single past month shows that I over spent. Several categories in every month either show that I over spent or that there are unused funds. 

In the past when something like this would happen, it was a known product issue, but customer support is telling me I need "to go over the transactions and see if they are properly categorize for the previous months." 

I don't even know how to go about this because I would have to review every transaction starting in 2020. 

Please help!!

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  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @dl30,

    Thank you for taking the time to post to the Community regarding this issue, although I apologize that you experienced this behavior in Simplifi.

    It looks like the issue that you experienced was due to a change that was rolled out to Planned Spending, and you just so happened to edit the expense at a time when the new options weren't fully deployed:

    I see that you've been working with Coach Blake and have gotten things squared away. However, for anyone else who may have experienced this issue, the suggested fix is to go back through your prior month's Spending Plans and "resolve" any outstanding items, which should bring everything back to $0. 

    Please let us know if you have any further questions!

    -Coach Natalie


  • DannyB
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    My first thought would be to go back to each Planned Spending category you are having over and under reporting and change the budgeted amount to what you normally would for the series.  Then, if necessary go back through the months either release unused funds or increase the amount needed to cover any overages for that particular month.  I can't imagine trying to sort through 2 years of data to make sure your transaction are categorized properly!  :o

    Perhaps one of the coaches will chime in here, but it appears there was some kind of update pushed out today at least for the web app (haven't checked my mobile app yet).  This morning I was doing the same thing you were doing and the 3 dot menu options have changed between this morning and when I checked just now (1540 Pacific).  This morning I was adjusting a few categories that were overspent in the last couple of months by adjusting the budgeted amount upward to cover the overage and releasing money that was not spent.  I'm not sure why this was necessary since, like you, I do this with in a few days of the month closing out.  In the edit series window I was given the choice to change the budgeted amount for either the series or for just the current month.  You still have the same choice but it's just presented differently now then it was earlier today... or at least it seems different.

    If you change the budgeted amount for the series I would think the new budgeted amount will populate backward and forward in the series whereas if you select to change for the a given month it would only affect the that given month.
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  • dl30
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    Thanks @DannyB and @Coach Natalie! Yes, I was able to get to the source of the issue with Blake. I am sort of scratching my head as to why a feature update like this would be deployed while users are actively using the website. My understanding is that usually websites are taken offline for a certain amount of time so that updates and maintenance can be done without users experiencing problems like I did. I think it would be better practice to do something like this going forward. I am now going to have to spend probably an hour reconciling my spending plan for each month. Luckily, none of my transactions were affected (that would have been a nightmare), but with every issue I experience I lose trust in the accuracy of my budget. I am always questioning whether some element of a transaction or spending plan got changed without my notice. I am just not sure I have confidence in Simplifi anymore going forward. I keep hoping things will change, but I literally run into a new issue every month. I’m not exaggerating—I’m sure you can see how often I contact customer support. I have never used an online product, especially one that I pay for, and experienced such frequent and critical issues. I really hope you can do better or you may soon be losing a customer. 

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