Balances changing/incorrect on manual accounts

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[ONGOING] 2/15/22: Balances changing/incorrect on manual accounts

I just received a notification that this was still an ongoing issue yet the conversation has been closed. Either way, this is the most basic function and accuracy is absolutely key for the program to be useful. I can't imagine any other feature that should top correcting this accuracy issue. 


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    Hello @cfoxcvg,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with the Community, although I apologize for the frustration caused by this ongoing issue.

    To clarify, the post you're referring to is an Alert and is meant to provide information only; Alerts are not open for comments. With that said, we did post an update on March 30th asking for additional examples from anyone who may still be experiencing the problem that is available here

    The last I heard, our Team thought that they had resolved the matter, however, we're awaiting confirmation from reporting users. So, if you're still seeing the issue, we would definitely like to take a closer look at it. To do so, please provide the name of the account in question, as it appears in Simplifi, as well as the current balance displayed for the account, and what the balance should be for the account.

    The best way to determine what the balance should be for a manual account is to expand all months and then select all of the transactions that are in the account. Once selected, please grab a screenshot so we can compare the 'selected' balance with the account balance. 

    Thanks in advance!

    -Coach Natalie
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